“More” was the response to every problem.

Inner City Blues

Case Study

The Client

An inner-city, brand-new ambulatory care hospital.

The Department

Environmental Services (ES) includes cleaning and disinfection, patient and material portering.

What Was Happening

  • Clinicians concerned with environment of care
  • Service execution varied
  • Staff morale was low
  • Performance was not measured
  • “More” was the response to every problem

HPS Approach

C1 Consult
Completed an operational review, confirmed the staffing requirement; we reported on findings and recommended actions.

C2 Create
Created environmental hygiene corporate policy, a manual of standard operating practices, unit specific customer service plans, individual position work routines.

C3 Coach
Trained all staff in infection control concepts and environmental hygiene methods; we coached the ES supervisors to raise their performance game.

C4 Confirm
Audited outcomes before, during and after our work; we met with staff, infection control and clinical teams throughout the project.

HPS Delivered Results

  • Clinical confidence in the environment of care improved
  • Service standards, frequencies, procedures and job responsibilities were made clear to all
  • Staff morale improved; team work increased
  • Performance was improved without adding staff
  • HPS gained another satisfied client!