Environmental and hand hygiene audits – affordable, practical audit solutions, that translate into faster audit data flow with less disruption.

Audit Services

  • Visual Cleanliness
  • Florescent Marking
  • ATP Bioluminescence
  • Hand Hygiene

HPS Solutions

Visual Cleanliness Assessments are a measurement of the dirt we can see, including soil, smudges, litter, smears, odors, dust, dirt etc.

VCA auditing is appropriate for all areas of the facility, including public areas, washrooms, offices, diagnostic and therapeutic clinics, patient/resident/visitor accommodation, lounge areas and support departments.

Florescent Marking simulates the presence of the dirt we cannot see on high touch surfaces, including germs.

FM auditing is appropriate for use in clinical environments such as patient/resident rooms and washrooms; including both occupied and vacant rooms/beds.

ATP Bioluminescence measures the presence of Adenosine triphosphate, which transports energy in cells. Measuring the presence of ATP can be an indicator of the level of bio burden that exists on a surface.

ATP auditing is appropriate for use in high risk environments such as the operating suite, emergency department, intensive care units, and other patient care units dealing with pervasive and ongoing outbreak conditions.

Hand Hygiene (HH) is one of the single most effective way to reduce the transmission of infection between patients/residents. Auditing hand hygiene compliance provides a benchmark for improvement and allows opportunity to celebrate successes and identify areas of risk that have the potential to cause harm to patients/residents.

HH auditing should be conducted on an ongoing basis, in each patient care/resident home unit.

HPS Services

Audit Strategy
HPS works with our clients to identify the critical risk points for efficient operations, sound clinical practice, workplace safety, and infection prevention and control. We interpret leading practice protocols, for suitability to your facility. Then build an approach that is sustainable by the on-site team.

Audit Design & Training
HPS simplifies the audit process, by creating tools and processes that are easy to implement. “Checklist Overload” is a common complaint, we hear frequently. HPS will design audits that are easy to complete, and deliver meaningful results. We create tools and processes to help interpret audit data and communicate to all levels of the organization. We train auditors on audit techniques to ensure consistent methods and interpretation of standards by the entire auditor team.

Third Party Auditing
Sometimes there is need for an extra set of hands to perform audits on your behalf. Whether it is to quickly establish a baseline of the current condition, verify staff audits by an “objective third party”, or the catch up on a back-log of incomplete audits, HPS is able to provide trained auditors to work on-site. Our approach is to use your tools and processes, so that results are comparable to the audits performed by the in-house team.

Observational Audits
HPS provide assessment of critical environmental and hand hygiene practices. Hand washing, sanitizing, glove compliance, isolation cleaning practices are examples of the audits we can perform. HPS can work as “secret shopper”, or with full awareness by staff. We interpret staff compliance with your procedures and known industry leading practice.