Review of service execution strategy and operations-level assessments with evidence-based recommendations that target the most-critical and achievable improvements.

Operational Reviews

5P Performance FrameworkSM

  • – Protocol
  • – People
  • – Process
  • – Product
  • – Performance

HPS Solutions

Environmental Services 5P Performance FrameworkSM
Hygiene Performance Solutions uses a “5P” model when conducting Environmental Hygiene audits at Healthcare Facilities.  This model is proprietary to HPS, and begins by analyzing the Protocols, People, Processes, and Products employed within the operation, which contributes to the overall Performance of the team.  HPS believes that effective environmental hygiene service executive is a matrix of these five critical components (aka: The Big Rocks); each one is a variable that interplays on the other. The model defines our approach to our assessment of the Operational, Technical and Clinical capabilities of the facility, which influences the resulting Hygiene Outcomes and Clinical Impacts that affect Patient & Economic Value.

  • Protocol: (the science of cleaning and disinfection) integrated clinical, professional & technical, evidence-based, practice guidance
  • People: (motivated and independent thinking workforce) competent & engaged human resources, organized and aligned to patient-safety
  • Process: (scalable & replicateable output) consistent execution of standard work, effectively integrated with clinical practice
  • Product: (products, equipment, systems) strategic & effective utilization of hygiene technology enablers
  • Performance: (what “good” looks like) continuous improvement informed by measurable key performance indicators