On-site training services that compliment in-house education programs and vendor provided product orientation, to create a high skilled and competent cleaning and disinfection team.


  • Technical Training (Cleaning & Disinfection)
  • (Environmental) Infection Prevention and Control
  • Training Audits
  • Competency Assessments
  • Training Toolkits

HPS Solutions

Training Curriculums are the blueprint of technical and skills-based learning for cleaning and disinfection practices. HPS curriculums go beyond legislated safety and corporate requirements, we cover the skills competencies and knowledge requirements for onboarding external and internal employees, as well as ongoing education needs.

HPS supports a progress learning experience, starting with core skills and insights, then basic procedures, and finally advanced and specialized cleaning.

Lesson Plans are the individual training tools to guide on-site instruction for that every employee receives a consistent and high quality training experience. 

Learning Aides are the tools to deliver information to trainee. HPS believes you can’t learn to clean from behind a computer, or sitting in a classroom. Adult-based skills learning happens out in the facility and so HPS learning aides are practical, portable, and very visual.

Competency Assessments are the quality checks to ensure that employees are competent. HPS provides structured tools that can be customized for delivered both orally or written. 

Documentation are the controls to ensure every employee training experience is documented, and that no employee slips through the cracks.

HPS Services

Training Audit
HPS will review employee training records, training manuals, and interview staff trainers, and recent trainees. The result is an informed understanding of the real world learning experience of employees, and recommendations for program improvements.

Training Toolkit
HPS will customize a training toolkit for your cleaning and disinfection staff. Inclusive of all critical elements, the program will reflect your procedures, products and policies. The result will be a professional-grade toolkit of technical training resource that will improve the effectiveness of your training team, avoiding allocating precious leader time towards the task of building tools from scratch.

On-Site Training
HPS will deliver environmental hygiene and infection prevention and control training programs on-site to your frontline and leadership team. HPS will custom design a training support plan to fit your needs.

As a result, your training requirements will be met, quickly and efficiently, avoiding allocating precious leader time away from operations.