Audit Service

  • Visual Cleanlines
  • Florescent Marking
  • ATP Bioluminescence
  • Hand Hygiene

HPS delivers Environmental & Hand Hygiene Audits – Affordable, Practical Audit Solutions, that Translates into Audit Data Flowing Faster and with Less Disruption to the Existing Team.

Audit Technology

  • Visual Cleanliness
  • Florescent Marking
  • ATP Bioluminescence
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Risk Management

HPS Delivers Audit Technology Platform That is Affordable, Easy to Use, Effective for Automating All Environmental, Hand Hygiene, And Key Risk Control Audits into A Single Data Platform.

Staffing Assessments

  • Staffing Assessments
  • Job Design
  • Workload Reviews
  • Benchmarking

HPS Delivers Staffing Assessments Are Based On Real-World Conditions, are Objective, Efficiency-Based, Staffing Levels, and Enable Highly Product Teams and High Quality Performance Outcomes.


  • Technical Training (Cleaning & Disinfection)
  • (Environmental) Infection Prevention & Control
  • Training Audits
  • Competency Assessments
  • Training Toolkits

HPS Delivers On-Site Training Services That Compliments In-House Education Programs, and Vendor Provided Product Orientation, to Provide a High Skilled and Competent Cleaning and Disinfection Team.

Risk Assessments

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leading Practice Assessment
  • Organizational Risk

HPS Risk Assessment Matrix for Environmental Cleaning & Defection Goes Beyond Risk Identification to Include an Prioritization Assessment of Hazard Occurrence Likelihood and Consequence, as well as Prescriptive Remedial Measures.

Operational Reviews

5P Performance FrameworkSM

  • – Protocol
  • – People
  • – Process
  • – Product
  • – Performance

HPS Delivers Comprehensive Operational Reviews That Are Objective and Evidence-Based; Recommendations Target the Most-Critical Improvements, And Are Achievable. HPS Enables Performance Improvement Through a Review of Service Execution Strategy and Operations-Level Assessment.