An audit technology platform that is affordable, easy to use, and effective for automating all environmental, hand hygiene and key risk control audits.

Audit Technology

  • Visual Cleanliness
  • Florescent Marking
  • ATP Bioluminescence
  • Hand Hygiene
  • Risk Management

System Set Up & Configuration

HPS understands that audit technology is only effective if it is put into use, and so our team is focused on one goal – make audits happened faster and with minimal disruption to the operations team. Our team incorporates your existing audit, checklist and critical assessment points, into the new platform. We map a system access and control plan, and configure the communication and reporting features to fit your organization.

User Training

HPS believes that audits are more than a process of checking a box on a form, or tablet. We believe audits are an opportunity to engage with staff, patient-resident and visitors, to help inform a better understanding of service standards and expectations.  HPS will train your audit team in procedure for completing audits, interpreting standards, and engaging with staff, patient-residents and visitors.

Period Subscriptions

HPS is able to work with our vendor partner to deliver better subscription rates than publically available. In some cases, our clients are looking to pre-buy subscription time blocks, so that there are ongoing system access expenses. HPS will customize a subscription program that is affordable and practical for you.


HPS has partnered with OrangeQC responsible for over 1 million inspections around the world, from small janitorial firms to leading medical research facilities. Reports qualify our performance and the effectiveness of your service.

One-stop Quality Assessment & Risk Audit Technology Program

  • Infection prevention control
  • Nursing
  • Environmental services
  • Food services
  • Building maintenance
  • Safety


  • Comprehensive auditing and reporting
  • Customized to meet individual needs of any organization
  • Customized access and control
  • Easy to operate
  • Real-time inspection reporting
  • Follow-up task tracking
  • Add photos and documents
  • Automated action-flag alerts
  • Uses existing mobile and desktop technology
  • Web-based technology, no programs to install
  • Nothing to buy; low-cost subscription plans