Prioritization assessment of hazard occurrence likelihood and consequence, as well as prescriptive remedial measures.

Risk Assessments

  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Leading Practice Assessment
  • Organizational Risk

HPS Solutions

Physical Risks are a series of leading indicators that assess the general safety of the facility for employees, patients and visitors, from the perspective of cleaning and disinfection practices, which may occur at all times of the day, including after-hour periods.

Financial Sustainability including a review of lagging indicators that assess the level and reasons for department employee absenteeism, as well as the level of service complaint and re-work. Leading indicators, such as low employee turnover and effective labor relations, are also assessed.

Clinical Performance include leading indicators, such as: rates of healthcare associated infection, outbreak incidents and patient-flow performance. HPS will evaluate the condition and any attributing performance concerns from cleaning and disinfection practices.

Organization Reputation includes leading indicators such as regulatory code compliance, and facility accreditation award, as well as lagging indicators, such as patient and visitor satisfaction in the facility condition.

HPS Services

Risk Assessment Audit
HPS will perform an independent and objective risk assessment of cleaning and disinfection practices, of all staff teams and departments. Many departments, perform these functions; GAPS in performance can occur in many areas. The result will be a comprehensive assessment, highlighting any inter-departmental inconsistencies and performance deficiencies.

Regulatory Pre-Audit
HPS will perform an independent and objective pre-audit of the cleaning and disinfection practices, using provincial standards, and regulator required operating practices. The result will be an informed pro-active assessment of compliance, highlighting areas for improvement, completed with sufficient time to make improvements ahead of an official assessment.