Heller and Panel, promote Environmental Services Leadership Excellence, through at the 2017 Annual Conference of the OHHA.

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Mark Heller, national Chair of the Environmental Hygiene Interest Group, Infection Prevention and Control – Canada, will present at the upcoming 2017 Conference and Trade Show of the Ontario Healthcare Housekeepers Association (OHHA); 2017 also marks the OHHA’s 60th Anniversary.

As part of a panel of experts that will discuss the optimal scope of Housekeeping practice, Heller will focus on how to calculate/implement an increase in duties transferred to Housekeeping. The budget situation of hospitals and long term care facilities demands that every opportunity to lower the cost of service delivery must be explored. “For many non-hands care duties, the Environmental Services department is well positioned to demonstrate ‘value-for-money’ over clinical teams, and yet in most cases Housekeeping leaders are caught in ‘finger pointing debates’ over ‘who does what’, mostly because of lack of staff resources” – says Heller.

The panel will provide strategies for how Housekeeping leaders can better promote the department to the senior team, and how to prepare strong proposals so that they can support the movement of budget dollars from higher profile departments and Unions.

Join the OHHA for their 6th Annual Conference and Trade Show, May 30 – June 1, 2017. Oakwood Resort, Grand Bend, Ontario. For further conference information or to register to attend, go to www.OHHA.org


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