Hygiene Performance Solutions and Bissel® Big Green Commercial® sign Distributor Agreement for the Canadian market.

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HPS is launching a new Canada-wide partnership with Bissell® Big Green Commercial® to represent a select offering of professional-grade, innovative and leading-edge electro-mechanical cleaning equipment, marketed to a variety of sectors, such as: Long Term Care, Retirement Living Centers, Restaurants & Hotels, Medical-Day Care, Veterinary, and Professional Beauty Environments.


HPS will source globally, a bespoke portfolio of cleaning equipment products; each one chosen to address a cleaning or disinfection challenge in professional environments. The company will sell through a national network of direct sales consultants, strategic sales alignments, and market-specific distribution. HPS is in the cleaning and disinfection business, says company president, Mark Heller. Adding equipment to our portfolio of auditing, consulting and performance coaching services, is a perfect addition for our “challenger selling” solutions-platform. In many markets, quality improvement and cost control are critical components of a successful business plan, HPS is about bringing to market, cleanliness improvement solutions that are effective, sustainable and affordable.


Pro Scrub 2.1 is an example of such a product. A professional-grade, battery powered scrubber, that is portable, adjustable, and affordable. Not previously available in Canada, Pro Scrub 2.1 is well suited for many markets. According to Wieslawa Stepkowska, HPS operations manager, Pro Scrub 2.1 will help your business lower costs, improve quality and enhance the customer experience. Simply put, “Pro Scrub can help your business make more money” says Stepkowska.


We are not planning to compete with the established Jan/San distribution sector. There are many markets where cleaning is self-performed; take for example, the quick service restaurant industry, veterinary care industry, or professional beauty industry, to name a few. In these markets, often unpleasant cleaning duties are performed by Millennials and Professionals, says Heller; we call our target user profile “the reluctant cleaner”. Individuals who hate to clean, or are trained for something better, however must do so because their employer does not hire a building services contractor, nor do they purchase cleaning equipment from the Jan/San industry.


About Bissell® Big Green Commercial®

Founded by Anna and Melville Bissell in 1876, Bissell remains a family-owned company passionate about helping you effectively and easily clean your home so you can put down the vacuum, enjoy life and come home to a deeper clean. Bissell Big Green Commercial is committed to offering the best in professional deep cleaning equipment.



About Hygiene Performance Solutions

Since 2011, Hygiene Performance Solutions Inc. has provided environmental cleaning & disinfection consulting and performance coaching services in regulated Canadian environments. From quality auditing and staffing assessments, through to comprehensive operational review, HPS is Canada’s preeminent source for Environmental Hygiene consultative expertise and performance coaching services.



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